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Exclusive Artists

We like to believe that we’re a fun company to work with – and with an increasing number of Maltese artists choosing to work exclusively with us, we’re growing fonder and fonder of that idea.

Residents Malta

Residents Malta are a five-piece band featuring local artists.

Edward Ellul (bassist & singer), Kris Spiteri (pianist & singer), Alex Debono (drummer), Fabio Caligari (guitarist & singer) and Mario Borg (saxophonist). Their style ranges from Jazz and Swing to Pop, Rock and Commercial Music including the latest hits. As a band, they are renowned for creating a fabulous party atmosphere anywhere they play, which would explain why they were chosen to perform at a conference by Fossil in Germany and another one for Herbal Life in Barcelona in front of 15,000 people!


Crosswalk are renowned for creating vocal harmonies and song arrangements that electrify the crowd.

Made up of singer Janice Debattista, guitarist and backing vocalist Kenny D’ugo, bassist and backing vocalist Boris Cezek, and drummer Steve Camilleri Bowman, Crosswalk are great at performing Pop, Commercial Rock and Commercial Modern Music.

Luca Xuereb & Band

Luca Xuereb & Band are a young ensemble that will get the crowd up on their feet and dancing the night away.

Band members Luca Xuereb (singer and pianist), Stefan Xuereb (bassist and backing vocalist), Keith Xuereb (guitarist), and Erin Micallef (drummer) are great at playing Pop, Commercial Rock and Commercial Modern Music; in fact, they’ve played at conferences in front of 900 people, and even at a wedding for which the guest list included football legends, Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs.


Raquela, is one of Malta’s best artist, particularly in the world of Pop. Throughout her career she has performed with the Maltese Tenor, Joseph Calleja, and Neapolitan legend, Gigi d’Alessio.

Raquela’s beautiful voice may seem angelic, but her powerful performances never go unnoticed.

Ozzy Lino & Band

Ozzy Lino & Band as a band, they are incredibly versatile in both style and structure.

They can go from a two-piece to a five-piece band depending on your needs. The band’s core group includes singer and guitarist Ozzy Lino, backing vocalist and lead guitarist Ryan Magro, these can also be joined by a bassist, drummer or percussion and a pianist.

Planet Seed

Planet Seed is an alternative pop rock band from Malta.

Planet Seed stands out from other band due to the fact that any time they cover a track they make it their own by changing tempo, style, feel, structure yet still get the crowd going on their feet. The band got chemistery supported by solid vocals.

Names of band members and roles: Klinsmann – Vocals & Guitars, Glen – Lead Guitars, Bruce – Guitars, Julian – Bass & Franklin – Drums. Genre(s) of music: Pop Rock, Funk Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Indietronica, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Folk Rock.

Milk MI

In this day and age of continuous bombardment by music, it is difficult to resist getting stuck in the rut of ‘what others are doing’ and end up getting tied into one genre…

This is precisely what Milk Mi has managed to avoid doing throughout the past few years. The band has been able to keep itself out of the box, avoiding its comfort zone by always pushing towards new sonic limits and experimentation. Notwithstanding, this has helped them to create their own style of music and imagery.

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